Blacksmith Gallery
The first in an ongoing series of studies using still photographs.
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Blacksmith Video
All craft practices have their own unique soundscape - sounds derived from the transformation of raw materials into crafted objects through the use of tools and machines. I became aware that blacksmithing is accompanied by the regular rhythms of the workshop: the hammer striking the anvil provides the backbone, interrupted by a plethora of less regular tasks that mimic short solo musical improvisations - all taking place over the background noise of the furnace. In order to capture the ambiance of the blacksmiths workshop I produced this video and composed the soundtrack. The music relies solely on sounds recorded at Tom Fell’s workshop of the processes he employs. Having been manipulated in a digital audio workstation, they create a soundtrack that together with the video is the embodiment of the blacksmith’s working environment. A DVD will be included within the associated photobook due to be published and available from the site shop in 2018.

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Floodplain Gallery
My study of the ‘Arun Wildbrooks’, an area of low lying land around the confluence of the Rivers Arun and Rother near the village of Pulborough in West Sussex that, I have been conducting since 2014. See More
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BPM Gallery
This body of work sets out to express the notion of the photograph as a sample within the digital age, using as its subject matter the synergy between music and photography as time based forms of art and performance. See More